Anonymous asked:

I'm a hothead. I can not tolerate my man going out with his homies because his character shifts. Flat out stops responding to me. And if I bring it up, I get that bullshit out of context response "I don't trip on u when you go out" or "chill out" or "stfu already" And the next day we're cool? I just need to know how to get my point across properly so I don't have to continuously try to be heard. Or should I just shut the fuck up and sit down and let it play out?


You could:
A.) Sit the fuck down, stfu, and just roll with it.
B.) Show his punk ass how it feels, so he gets a taste of his own mo’fucking medicine. And if/when he comes at you, throw those same lame ass excuses his way.
C.) Be with someone who’s not on that fuck shit.
D.) All of the above.